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The Submariner, is water-proof to 1200 foot and due to its unidirectional brown bezel as well as its red face, unquestionably is among the most beautiful diving wristwatches in the marketplace (from $ 8000) it appeared with a green ceramic bezel and the famous in-house automatic movement. That same calendar year Rolex presented a all-new Sea Dweller: the Deep-sea, waterproof to approx . 8,795 foot, a record ($9,400). Another noteworthy watch in the maritime realm is the Yacht-Master 2, released in 2007. It's a regatta chronograph famous by its countdown characteristic, programmable on the bezel and linked to the movement ($33,400 to $37,125).

As for the Cosmo-graph Daytona, that had been fixed together with the new 4130 number manufactured by Rolex ever since 2000 (it, previously contained an El Primero movement manufactured by Zenith), it's aroused such enthusiasm that you will have to wait quite a few weeks to obtain one and lay out at the very least $9,200 (for the steel model) before you can strap it to your wrist. Well the same goes for any Milgauss revealed in '07 and inspired by a 50s model. Its name is the contraction of the French words Miller (thousand) and gauss, the unit of measurement of magnetic fields, its automatic movement again a fully in-house caliber correctly resists electromagnetic waves (around $6,275)

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