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In 2006, DeWitt unveiled a wrist watch that displayed being among the most elegant solutions to the continual force conundrum in watch making. The remedy was to insert a method in between the mainspring as well as the hairspring that will absorb the action from the mainspring ever second and then re-distribute it to the escapement once every ten seconds.

This past year DeWitt released an update that allows the watch to possess reliable power-reserve indicator. This method is made up of miniature chain, each hand-crafted), utilizing an intermediate wheel to activate the power reserve indicator. In the event the pointer is in the red zone, the power-reserve is close to zero. When it is within the green zone, the timepiece is well wound. This new watch also comes in a 43-mm rose gold case. Budget range: $265,000 to $290,000, with regards to the case metal

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